"Chanko" Yoshiba

●Chanko Nabe
- The word “chanko” in fact originally referred to any homemade food made by sumo wrestlers in their sumo stable. The idea of gathering around a single pot to eat was conceived at the end of the Meiji era, after which this style spread far and wide to become known in general as “Chanko Nabe”, serving as a pronoun for sumo stables.

●Kappo Yoshiba
- Kappo Yoshiba was formerly the famed Miyagino sumo stable. The 43rd Yokozuna Yoshibayama retired in 1958 to establish this stable from which later came many powerful sumo wrestlers.
- February 1983 witnessed the beginning of Kappo Yoshiba, taking on the name of the Yokozuna Yoshibayama and keeping the style and atmosphere of Miyagino stable unchanged. Our cuisine is informed by the intensely Japanese architecture based on an all-Japanese cypress style, the dohyo (sumo ring) where the wrestlers learned their ropes, and the Sumo Jinku (sumo-themed songs) echoing from the very walls.
- Kappo Yoshiba is directly operated by a wholesale company in the Tsukiji Fish Market, allowing you to fully savor finely crafted cuisine from Chanko Nabe (Yoshiba Nabe) to a la carte dishes made with the freshest seafood direct from Tsukiji daily and cooked by veteran chefs. Yoshiba’s unique Chanko Nabe in particular, balancing plentiful seafood, pork, chicken, vegetables and more in a chicken-bone based stock which has been allowed to simmer for hours, has been loved by many of our patrons since our doors first opened.