Kise Sumo Stable

Sumo stable is the training institution for Sumo wrestlers and there are 45 stables in each group where sumo wrestlers belong at this moment. All Rikishi (Sumo wrestlers), Oyakata (stable masters), Gyoji (Sumo referees) and Tokoyama (hair dressers) belong to any Sumo Stable. Sumo wrestlers cannot participate in sumo wrestling tournament without belonging to any sumo stable.
A Sumo stable is the place to cohabit including stable master, and Sumo wrestlers at the rank of Makushita (second-grade wrestlers) or below live together in a large room. A Sekitori Sumo wrestler ranked in the top two divisions is given a private room and must live in the room until he get married. Each Sumo stable has a practice ring of his own stable and stables equipped weight training facility have been increased recently.
“Chanko” refers to a sumo wrestlers’ handmade cooking, however, a hot pot dish of Sumo wrestlers “Chanko-nabe” is widely known. Pot dishes were widely introduced at Sumo stables in and after the closing Meiji period and pot dishes became a synonym for the Sumo stables meals.
In 2003, Kise Stable was founded by Higo no Umi who separated from Mihogaseki Stable.