Kappo (Japanese Cuisine Restaurant), “Miyako”

Kappo Miyako is a traditional Japanese cuisine restaurant which building is the only Registered Tangible Cultural Property in Tokyo.
The building is surrounded by whitewash walls and encloses garden to be able to taste dishes while enjoying view of the garden.

Mukoujima restaurant Since the Edo Period, many people have visited Mukoujima as a scenic spot of recreational activity such as cherry-blossom viewing.
Moreover, there are a lot of restaurants that serve Kaiseki Ryori (formally arranged dinner to enjoy sake) since the Edo Period and Japanese cuisine restaurants had been placed.
Ryotei takes the system of division of labor among “Ochaya” that provides a place, “Okiya” that arranges Geisha (entertainers), and “Shidashiya” that cooks and delivers dishes.
It is said that there were more than 1,000 Geisha and 100-200 restaurants during the peak period.
At the moment, Mukoujima is the largest Hanamachi in Tokyo with the 14 Ryotei and more than 100 Geisha.