Oshiage Yoshikatsu

You can taste seasonal foods in Tokyo including Edo-Tokyo vegetables as well as local sake, wine, beer brewed in Tokyo.
The master who has various licenses relating to food and alcoholic drink serves nice food and ideal drink for the food.

Agriculture of Sumida Ward in the Edo Period
The population of Tokyo is considered to be more than one million and agriculture in the suburbs supported their food situation. According to the map of the Edo Period, landscape of farming village in Sumida Ward can be found.
Especially Mukoujima in Sumida Ward seemed to be “Osenzai-batake” which is the field produced vegetables for Shogun.

Edo-Tokyo Vegetables
“Ed-Tokyo vegetables” had supported people in Tokyo from the Edo Period to Showa Period. The traditional Edo-Tokyo vegetables were almost disappeared as the agricultural land declines, however, it comes back as Tokyo-brand vegetables.
30 kinds of vegetables are registered as Edo-Tokyo vegetables and they can be purchased at gardens of production farmhouses and JA shops.