A Shrine Verating Gods that Guard Ryogoku Area

Ushijima Jinja, the shrine venerating Susanoo no Mikoto as the local Guardian was found in 860 and has been the Sochinju (local Shinto deity) of Honjo area.
By venerating Amanohohi no Mikoto and Sadatokishino no Mikoto after Susanoo no Mikoto, Ushijima Jinja has “Mitsutorii”, a combination of three pillared Myojin-gate Tori (a pillared gate-like entrance to a Shinto Shrine), which is very rare to find in about 80,000 shrines throughout country.
Stone-carved guardian cows are placed in pairs, one of each on either side of the Honden main hall at Ushijima Jinja instead of those of Komainu dogs at general shrines.
Ushijima Jinja is the tutelary shrine of Tokyo Skytree.

Festival that Ties Community
Ushijima Jinja holds a big festival once every five years.
Shinko-sai Festival that traditional procession including carriage pulled by cows, Tekomai dancers and children, dating from ancient times, parades along a length of about 35 kilometers in the area of Ujiko (Shrine Parishioners) is held for two days.
Miyairi, about 50 large portable shrines of each Ujiko town in Sumida Ward divided into three groups gather and are transferred to Ushijima Jinja, is carried out on a grand scale and the festival comes to a climax.

Ushijima Jinja and Hokusai
A large painting in monochrome hung on the wall left side of a front shrine is a copied panel of “Susanoo no Mikoto Yakujin Taiji no Zu (Picture of Susanoo no Mikoto Slaying Evil God)”, a votive picture of horse that 86-year old Hokusai drew and dedicated.
Unfortunately, the original votive picture of horse burned down at the Great Kanto Earthquake.
The work restored colors by using the most advanced digital technology based on the picture in monochrome was completed in 2016 and has been exhibited in “Sumida Hokusai Museum”.